The Great McGinty

IMDb 7.5 82 min
Brian Donlevy, Allyn Joslyn, Akim Tamiroff, Muriel Angelus
Preston Sturges
United States
8.3 / 3 times
Tending bar in a seedy club in an out of the way banana republic, Daniel McGinty recounts his recent rise and fall to one of the club's chorus girls and a down on his luck American with suicidal thoughts. The rise began back in the United States where, as a tough guy hobo, he caught the attention of a man simply known as "the Boss" for his ingenuity and chutzpah. The Boss rigged elections for the sole purpose of political grafting, this election for mayor. The Boss hired McGinty to be his muscle, then moved him directly into the political realm when he needed a candidate with no name and thus no background to question. That political realm started as alderman then mayor the state governor. As part of his outward show of respectability, McGinty entered into a marriage of convenience with his secretary, Catherine, which included a built in family. McGinty's life with Catherine and his work for The Boss ended up being incompatible as McGinty, on Catherine's urging, wanted to go straight, while the law began to catch up with The Boss and anyone associated with him.